Mining, for Science!

Let’s spend a little time learning today, shall we?  Oh, and you don’t get to decide what the lesson plan is today.  I do.  I’d tell you to insert an evil laugh, maybe a pinky to the edge of your mouth, but you may need that later; keep it clean.

Yesterday, I went into my fascination of “Pins and Needles,” it was quite odd if I do say so.  Also, it was my most visited day on this blog, so I’m going to take that as people like weird things.  You asked for it random internet strangers.

Today, however, we discuss Belly buttons, or Navels.  Despite not being one, Navel sounds like a dirty word to me, and I think it should be a swear word.  Say it out loud with me “Navel.”  Slower now, “Naaaavel.”  Yeah, now it’s getting dirty.

The internet has everything, thanks Huffington Post.

On a serious note though, Navels are pretty cool, and they’re technically a scar.  NO WAY!  I DID NOT KNOW THAT.  And, to top it off, 90% of Humans have an Innie and not an Outtie.  How do you know if you’re a miner or not?  Go ahead and put your hand on your belly button, is there a hole, or does it protrude out?  You’re a miner if it’s a hole, and you’re a top sider (I’m making this crap up guys) if it sticks out, an “Outtie,” the 10%.  On top of being a scar, the Navel contains over 1,400 strains of bacteria, in which 662 are unrecognized by science!

A side note, the Navel used to be banned for display in Movies and on Television up until the 1970’s, because it was considered an “Erogenic Orifice.”  And it was only censored on women in due to how close it was to the no-no parts.   Because all Men and Women have belly buttons and no-no parts.  But, hey, that’s how the world rolled.  In 1970, Cher revealed her Navel on the “Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour,” a first in Television history.

As for mining, if you’re an Innie, you probably collect some Belly Lint.  This is a mixture of dead skin, and fibers from your clothing, in which is collected by your body hair, but scientists aren’t really sure why it accumulates so much there.  One has even hypothesized that the hair around your belly button grows in geocentric circles, which directs the lint inward.  If you’re an Outtie, you probably don’t really have to worry about this, but I, as an Innie am writing this post a little biased.  If you’re an Innie however, feel free to get a belly button piercing if you don’t like mining for lint.  It sweeps the majority of it away.

So, in the name of science, start Mining, it’s kind of a weird thing to talk about, but you might enjoy it.



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