The Sad Women at the Bar

A bad mood is worn on the shoulder while a sadness is worn all over.

Recently, I had been visiting with some new acquaintances, whom had invited me to have some drinks and a meal while trying new places around town out.  It’s quite nice to be asked to join in on shenanigans, maybe it’s due to what I’m wearing on my face, shoulders, and all over (emotionally, not physically) that prompted the invite.  Quite possibly, it’s because they enjoy my company, which I’m entertaining that factor.

However, that was more of a preface to location, versus discussing my thoughts and emotions and where I’m at.

Source: Guardian.

From across the bar I noticed a woman, sitting at a table on her cell phone; slowly sipping away at a cheap beer.  Her long brunette hair flowed over her slumping shoulders as she vigorously typed away on the touchscreen.  Occasionally, she would glance up and over her shoulders at the beer pong game running behind her; and then quickly scanning the patrons at the bar before going back to her conversation, games, or searching.

In those brief moments that she would glance up, when I happened to be looking that is, happiness was not what I saw on her face, but an inward sadness.  It was projecting from her, you could feel it draining her, sucking all of the joy and peace in the room, and eating at her.  A male friend (I assume, or maybe boyfriend) slinked up to the table and had a quick conversation with her at one point.  And then she was gone the next time that I looked up.

Observing this woman for the short amount of time that I did ate at me for the rest of the evening.  What was hurting her so much, why was she so sad looking, who was the guy that she ended up talking to and leaving with?

My brain made stories up; the guy was her boyfriend that had demanded her to come out so that he could play beer pong, and she could revel in his awesome frat boy prowess.  That was the cheeriest story of them all.

But, to the sad woman at the bar, happiness is what you make of life; your actions, emotions, and how you treat others.  When another treats you horribly, you cut them out of your life, and you move on.  I’m sure that you know that, and maybe it was just a bad mood.  But even so, a bad mood is worn on the shoulder while a sadness is worn all over.


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